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COVID-19 – Helpful Webinar on COVID-19 PPP Loan and Debt Forgiveness

I am very pleased to have met and come to know Erin Merten of Doyle HCM, Inc. She recently sent me the following, which she and GBQ have so graciously permitted me to share: “Employers are being forced to make hard decisions, so I thought I would pass along some resources that may be helpful […]

COVID-19 PPE and Cashflow Issues

As the Governor indicated today (April 8th) in his press conference, the medical profession needs more personal protection equipment (PPE), especially masks. I know many of our construction clients are required to wear these masks under OSHA regulations and safety standards. Battelle has the ability to “recycle” masks so do not throw them away. Create […]

COVID UPDATE – NEW Ohio Stay Home Order – Extended until Midnight May 1, 2020

Governor DeWine announced that Dr. Acton signed a new Stay at Home Order for Ohio today, April 2, 2020.  Here is the Amended Order: Amended Ohio Stay at Home Order. The Amended Order changes a good deal but the big change is the duration of the Stay at Home Order has been extended until midnight […]

COVID-19 UPDATE – SBA Loans & CARES Act Loans (PPP)

I attended this presentation: It provided a good overview of the two different loans that are now available to assist businesses deal with the effects of this virus. Even if you do not anticipate being crippled by this, it is my recommendation to look forward beyond your current financial state and think about the months […]

COVID-19 Construction Update: OFCC Safety Protocol Notification

Many of you have probably already reviewed OFCC’s Enhanced Safety Protocol Notification. Here is the link if you have not: OFCC COVID-19 Safety Protocol Notification. The OFCC does a great job describing the Stay at Home Order (SAHO) and how it relates to construction companies. It discusses that companies must decide whether or not they […]

COVID-19 Construction Projects

This article stresses that even though road work and other essential infrastructure construction is permitted to continue, it should not proceed if the health and safety of those involved is in jeopardy. Coronavirus: Road repair, construction continue — for the moment — in central Ohio should be mindful of deciding to still staff jobs if […]

COVID-19 – Stimulus Check Calculator

While I don’t vouch for its accuracy, this is a helpful tool for those that qualify for a check and some FAQs such checks.

COVID-19 RESOURCE – Good Summary of Federal Small Business Resources

This is a good “primer” on the various pieces of Federal legislation passed within the last month as an effort to mitigate damages to the economy with a specific focus on small businesses. It does not have all the answers nor does it describe how to practically take advantage of the resources it cites, but […]